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Are Fast Working Capital Loans the Solution?

For a Florida business, every moment means money. Right from the time a concept develops in the mind of the entrepreneur, capital is vital. How big you want to do business, how you run it and how to make the business thrive. Whether you want it or not, you will have daily expenses. If it is a manufacturing business, daily you need to run the machinery and have daily skilled and unskilled labor to produce your product. Here is where you need to think of getting working capital.

Are you wondering why you need to have a significant amount of cash on hand when you may not be producing big numbers yet? While running any size business, you will find the need to make calculated and speedy decisions regarding the purchase or acquisition of assets. These require money, and the best way to get it quickly for your small business is by taking a Florida business fast capital loan.

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When Banks Let You Down, Consider an Alternative Funding Loan

Small business owners, especially when the business is first starting out, often find it necessary to take out a small business loan. A Small Business Credit Survey conducted in 2019 revealed that 70% of small employer firms have outstanding debt. The range of outstanding debt varies but the average small business bank loan amount is $633,000.

So, if you are an entrepreneur who is coming to the conclusion that you need to take out a small business line of credit you are certainly not alone. Unfortunately, when it comes to working with a traditional bank, although the amount is usually higher, the approval process is much stricter. For businesses that are in desperate need of a small business loan, being turned down by the bank can be devastating.

Florida Fix and Flip Lender

Purchasing rundown properties, fixing them up, and flipping them for profit is a great business model. However, this can often pose a problem for many flippers. How to get the financing required to purchase and flip the property? To do this, many people turn to an alternative lender, such as the South Florida Funding Group. By turning to one of these lenders, you’ll be able to apply for fix and flip funding, this will make it easier to invest in residential properties. Let’s look at what these loans are, how they work, and whether they can benefit you.

Small Business Funding When the Banks Say NO!

While banks may arguably be the best or at least the most convenient source of small business funding, they are not the only option. If your business has been turned down by the banks, then you can find alternate sources of funding that may work just as well, if not better than receiving a loan from a bank.

Money with marijuana leaves

Cannabis Business Loans

The cannabis business is an expanding market with significant growth potential. New uses for the product appear on an almost daily basis. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the business, securing a cannabis business loan for a cannabis-based business can be difficult. Traditional lenders for business loans often refuse loans based strictly on the controversial nature of the product.


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