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Can I Get Chiropractic Startup Financing?

Alternative Small Business Funding

As a chiropractor, you spend your life making people feel better. Whether you’re just starting a chiropractic practice, or you made the jump some time ago, watching people leave with smiles on their faces and leaving positive reviews online makes everything worthwhile. Sadly, financing isn’t something that puts a smile on your face.

Today, we want to focus on chiropractic startup financing since this is something that can take away the dreams of many. Chiropractors have the skills and experience to open a business, but financing issues get in the way.

The Good News for Chiropractors

Over the years, the chiropractic field has grown exponentially as patients have complemented traditional medicines and treatments with alternative methods. In the same way, the chiropractic funding niche is growing every year. Even if you don’t qualify for a traditional business loan, this doesn’t mean that you need to put your dreams on hold.

As more studies take place, more health professionals and insurers have embraced chiropractic treatment. We’re now at a time that many professionals thought would never come because doctors and other medical professionals are actively encouraging chiropractic treatment to patients.

According to a recent study, only 60% of people in 2012 could access chiropractic care through their insurance. By 2018, this increased to 87%. With demand only increasing, now is still a great time to start a chiropractic business. In this guide, you’re going to learn all about alternative funding and how it could help your startup.

Types of Chiropractic Startup Financing

If you want to learn about all the potential financing options for your startup, you’re in the right place. Although alternative funding is the main topic of this guide, we should also mention bank loans since this is the traditional option and one that some can still utilize.

Bank Loan

Ever since the global financial crisis, businesses have enforced stricter guidelines on bank loans. Sadly, this means that many business owners struggle to get the money that they need to survive. If you’re to obtain a bank loan for your business, you’ll need a strong credit history as well as going through all sorts of other checks.

On the positive side, bank loans typically have lower interest rates and other positive terms. However, not all business owners have a strong credit history. In fact, some don’t have a credit history at all (and this is punished just as heavily). Also, we should mention the long waiting times that come with bank loans; you could wait weeks and months during the application and approval process.

Bad Credit Business Loans

With this second suggestion, we’re entering the field of alternative funding, an area in which the South Florida Funding Group excels. Whenever the phrase ‘bad credit’ is mentioned, most people assume it refers to those who have missed payments and defaulted on loans. In reality, it could be something simple like a student loan getting in the way (a problem for chiropractors with advanced degrees!).

While banks run a mile, alternative funding solutions create loans with other requirements instead. Therefore, not everything revolves around your personal credit report.

Working Capital Loans

While a general business loan sees you borrow a random amount, working capital loans are designed to cover these specific costs. Speak to many experienced chiropractors with their own practice and they’ll tell you the cash flow problems that occur in the first couple of years. Insurance companies haven’t paid you, but this doesn’t stop bills from arriving on the doormat.

With a working capital loan, you’ll cover the shortfall from one month to the next. When utilized successfully, these loans fill the gaps until you’re able to support yourself more effectively.

Short-Term Business Loans

Another form of chiropractic funding that you’ll see these days is short-term business loans, and this is another solution to the short-term problems that arise in this niche. Generally speaking, you’ll repay these loans within twelve months because they’re designed to cover short-term problems rather than big expansions or debts. For example, you could use the loan to pay for equipment for the facility.

The South Florida Funding Group - Alternative Funding Solutions

If you need any form of alternative funding as a business, the South Florida Funding Group is the place to go. We said that chiropractic funding has improved over the years, and the South Florida Funding Group is an exemplar of this information. Here are some more solutions that could help your business in its early life:

Merchant Cash Advance

While some will call an MCA a short-term loan, it’s more of an advance…hence the name. Essentially, you’re telling the lender that you’ll pay them back with future sales. If you know that income is around the corner, but you need to meet short-term demands, you can borrow from the lender and pay a percentage of future sales back. Therefore, you’re simply getting an advance on all future sales and using these future sales to return the money.

Business Lines of Credit

If you have a personal credit card, you’ll recognize this type of financing because it works in the same way. Rather than borrowing a chunk of money, you’ll have access to funds should you need it. This way, you won’t spend the money unnecessarily. The benefit of a business line of credit is that you’re only charged interest based on what you borrow. If you don’t use the line of credit at all, you don’t have to pay any interest. Of course, this differs from a loan because you’ll pay interest as soon as you borrow the amount.

Fortunately, business lines of credit are accessible quickly and they’re flexible; you can spend the money on advertising, staffing, stock, equipment, or whatever else you need.

SBA Loans

The South Florida Funding Group also specializes in SBA loans, and these are partly secured by the Small Business Administration. In recent years, this has become one of the most reliable and secure options when starting a chiropractic practice because business owners only need to secure a small portion of the loan. Despite this, qualification is still difficult and the application process lengthy.

Equipment Leasing and Financing

If you need to buy office furniture, x-ray machines, tables, chairs, and other equipment, you might want to explore equipment leasing and financing. While both have monthly payments, leasing is essentially borrowing from the manufacturer while financing is more like a phone contract. You’ll become the owner of the equipment once the contract is up (unless you fail to make monthly payments).

Unsecured and Secured Business Loans

Finally, we also offer unsecured and secured business loans for those starting a chiropractic practice. While secured business loans use an asset as security, unsecured business loans are normally obtained through the creditworthiness of the business owner. Either way, it offers a lump of money that you can use as chiropractic startup financing.

If you need any form of chiropractic funding, feel free to get in touch with the amazing team at the South Florida Funding Group. We have the experience and knowledge you need in this field; with alternative financing, it’s often easier to access funds (not to mention quicker). Just because you don’t have a perfect credit history, this shouldn’t affect your ability to assist those who need help from an expert chiropractor.

Tips for Chiropractors

To finish, we want to offer some advice for those considering this path. You know that financial solutions are available, but what else do you need to know to thrive?

Build an Active Web Presence

Every year, more people research online (social media and search platforms) before choosing services. As a physical chiropractic business, you want people to stumble across your name when searching rather than the names of competitors. Be active on social media, post blogs to your website, and claim your Google My Business profile.

Plan, Plan, Plan

If you’re still in the initial stages, plan all expenses carefully; the last thing you want is to secure financing only to learn that you haven’t borrowed enough. Think about your office, equipment, staff, licenses, and any other expenses.

Build Relationships

Humans are creatures of habit, and they like to stick with businesses for many years. As well as having favorite grocery shops, people have favorite doctors, hairdressers, and chiropractors. Therefore, focus on building positive relationships with customers. As the old business saying goes, it costs significantly more to get new customers than keep an existing one.

Offer Online Resources

If possible, accommodate modern customers with an advanced app and website. Allow them to book appointments online, review all services, see their profile, and more.


Chiropractic startup financing might seem intense and confusing, but there are services and solutions ready to help. With funding solutions like SBA loans, equipment leasing and financing, and MCAs, you’ll put your business in the right position to succeed not just over the next year but for many years to come! Call today and talk with Drew at South Florida Funding Group an alternative funding source for businesses: 786-544-2700


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