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Financing a New Small Business

As a startup, you may find that it’s harder to get a loan for your business. Traditional financing solutions may not be available to you or offer you specific solutions that are unique to startups. The good news is that there are plenty of options that you can consider to help you launch your new business. This can be an overwhelming and even frustrating process but knowing where to look for funding can help make this process go a lot more smoothly. In this article, you can learn about the unique challenges with getting startup loans as well as the various options you can consider.

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No Credit Check Business Loan

If you own or operate a business, the chances are that, at some time or another, you’re going to need some form of business finance. Ordinarily, this should not present any difficulties or concerns. After all, financing is common in business. And, business financing has been around since time immemorial.

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Ready For Your Comeback?

COVID-19 wasn’t just a health crisis. It was also a business emergency. There were thousands of small businesses that were forced to shut down. Others needed to buy expensive PPE. The uncertainty meant that customers preferred to stay at home, rather than heading out to the shops.

Thankfully, this emergency is starting to subside. The vaccine rollout is starting to speed up. To date, there have been over 200 million people vaccinated. Because of this, many businesses are starting to open up again. Now is the ideal time to start making your comeback. The big question is, are you ready? 

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Accounts Receivable Financing

Every business. At some point in time, and for a variety of reasons, needs to get hold of additional working capital. You may be planning to develop or launch a new product, open a new branch, upgrade equipment, or restructure your debt.

Most people would immediately think of the traditional loan from a bank. After all, this is how business funding has been obtained since time immemorial. In order to remain competitive, lending institutions constantly strive to develop alternative financing mechanisms to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

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Bridge Loans for Fixing and Flipping Multifamily Properties

Fixing and flipping properties can be a potentially lucrative opportunity. However, you will require a steady pipeline of projects. To help you achieve this, you might want to consider a fix-and-flip bridge loan. But what is this type of loan and is it the right choice for you?  Here are some of the things you need to know before you apply.

What are Fix-and-Flip Bridge Loans?

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